The Perfect Proposal

For a business that is. There are many ways to do create a great RFP proposal (Request for Proposal, Proposal – yes it seems redundant, but it’s the proposal YOU submit when someone else requests one).

Hire a third part company

This is the fast approach and something like an rfp marketing in Calgary firm would certainly do a great job, but you pay for it. So you almost have to do a little work first to see how profitable the job would be to win, and then see if you would still make a profit if you hired a firm to put the proposal together to win said job.

marketing firm

Do it yourself

Roll the dice and hope for the best. If you know what you’re doing and you can do it well, go for it! Be as specific as possible to avoid scope creep as well as argument on “I thought you were covering this”. Be thorough BUT don’t ramble, short and efficient, good price and great value wins every single time.

Don’t do proposals

If you’re in any space but oil and gas there are other ways to build much bigger business. Develop relationships with other firms and get them to feed you work instead of submitting a proposal every single time. Get out there and network!

If you’re in need of another local service, just use:

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