What To Do If You Cannot Afford A Lawyer

Depending on specific issues around your divorce case, and your financial position, you may qualify for free legal help from a skilled divorce lawyer through program that supports people to get legal aid. The criterion for eligibility for free legal representation is different from one province to the next. In most cases, you may qualify for free legal help if you are faced with disputed child custody and visitation, and when looking to obtain child support.

However, some issues may require that you look for paid legal help such as property division, drafting and negotiating a separation agreement and filing for divorce.
To determine whether you are financially eligible, the lawyer will assess your income, family size and the amount of assets involved in the case.

getting a divorce was hard

You will also need legal help if your spouse has gone against the divorce agreement or the circumstances have changed and need to amend the agreement. For instance, if you are looking to reduce the amount of child support that you are paying towards the upkeep of your child, you will need to consult with your divorce lawyers in Newfoundland to know the best strategy to obtain the best outcome. If you are contemplating to divorce or have made up your mind, you can click at http://www.trusteddivorce.ca for the best assistance on your divorce issues.

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