Veggies to Go from Mucci Farms

Life for working parents can get very hectic, what with trying to juggle work schedules, school schedules and fitting all of the kids extracurricular activities in there somehow. Making time to eat right often takes a backseat to convenience. Candy bars, chips and stops at the fast-food window occur far too often in many modern, hectic lives.

Mucci Farms firmly believes it should be easy to choose healthy foods. Mucci Farms Veggies to Go packs combine convenience and healthy eating right in one easy to grab package. Prewashed, precut and prepackaged in single-serving convenience, Mucci Farms Veggies to Go packs come in three different varieties: SundropsTM, sweet grape tomatoes; CutecumbersTM, snack sized cucumbers; and Sweet to the PointTM, mini pointed peppers. The packs are perfectly sized to toss in a packed lunch or to grab for an after-game snack. The small vegetables are inviting to children and encourage healthy snacking.

Mucci Farms donated an assortment of their Veggies to Go packs to the Meet the Teacher events at local elementary schools. Mucci Farms is also involved in programs to regularly provide healthy snacks to schools. Mucci Farms goal is to encourage children to select healthy foods and develop good eating habits from a young age. Children who are exposed to other children eating vegetables at school are likely to want to try them, too. Peer pressure can be used as a positive force in molding the behavior of children. Healthy eating habits acquired early in life tend to carry over into a healthy adulthood.

Mucci Farms hopes that their Veggies to Go donation program will reach out to children who don’t have access to vegetables at home. Parents who never learned to eat vegetables or who are too busy to encourage their children to eat vegetables tend to raise children who are suspicious of these strange foodstuffs. Being given an opportunity to try fresh vegetables at school may provide these children with a unique experience that will improve their eating habits for years to come.

Mucci Farms is very proud of their school programs. They want to be a positive force for change, in their own small way. They love hearing stories and feedback about how their Veggies to Go packs have eased the lives of parents and improved the diets of children. Of course, busy parents can eat Veggies to Go packs too; they fit nicely into a briefcase for a take-along healthy snack at the office.

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